Thursday, October 14, 2010

melvyn and brendan on daytime TV

The mimescape duo of melvyn and brendan did 2 sketches for daytime TV this week. Two mime sketches.

Interesting the mimescape duo explored mime entertainment this week looking at cartoon mime with another leading mime performer and mime artist adrian hedley.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Brendan from channel 4 advert. Brendan as mime performer

Brendan Stapleton as an Irishman for a Ident commercial by Channel 4 sponsored by Fosters Lager! There was no dialogue so performers were chosen for their individual intuitive mime performance!
It is the Classic English, Irishman, Scotsman walk into a pub scenario.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Brendan on Radio Oxford talking about mime

Brendan was chosen to talk about MIme and mime performing today on Radio Oxford with Malcolm Boyden. This should be on BBC I player soon. Brendan is one of the leading experts on mime and mime performance in england. He is often called in to help coordinate mime shows and to act as an advisor.

Melvyn clown performer with ringmaster

Melvyn both mime performer and clown performer worked on the weekend with Ellis pike the ringmaster who is also well known for his performances as Henry the eighth. Sharper solutions employed them for a stage show at a large conference in the Telford international centre. Melvyn one of the main Mimescape performers performed a clown number about a clown chasing the light.
Melvyn and Brendan have been doing all sorts of performances recently involving mime ,dance and clowning.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

mimescape and dubai

As the winter grinds on the mime performers at mimescape remember fondly their mime performances in Dubai December 2009.
Yet again they used their excellent mime skills to good effect. They performed 3 different acts every day. When they performed as the chocolate soldiers in their red and white uniforms the visual impact was enormous. Here they used mime illusion and mime technique to enhance the wonderful mime imagery. The costumes are similar to the soldiers from the nutcracker suite and really do stand out. Brendan as usual drawing on all his dance and physical theatre skills brought Rudolph to life and as usual this was a bit hit. Mel used many mime skills as well as utilizing mime and balloon making skills.
The mimescape performers had a great time with wonderful audiences and beautiful warm weather to enjoy.

Friday, October 16, 2009

mime tuition and sales development

Mimescape over the years have been teaching mime. Mime illusion is a small part of mime entertainment and therefore it is only one element of teaching the skills of a mime performer. Sometimes we have been engaged to teach mime as a whole so it is all the elements that go into becoming a mime performer. However, various companies have found it is useful as an aspect of teaching sales staff about body language.
How to be in the moment,how to rehearse for that special presentation. There is a whole set of skills needed for presentations and selling. Mimescape can provide an aspect of the skills that are needed but rarely taught. we have often done this as part of trevor liley presentations who have designed training workshops that cover the essentials for selling and motivation. Their trade show selling workshop is almost the only one of its type and is eminently practical. One can see the participants actively sitting up when they realize they are learning real world techniques for improving their sales results.

Mime performers can go beyond just mime entertainment to provide an essential element of skills that a companies staff can use.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mime entertainment by Brendan

Brendan continues to work providing his services as a mime performer. He has just worked several jobs as a traditional white face mime as well as using his mime entertainment skills as a mime robot. have a look at our website to see pictures of him as a mime,robot plus all the entertainment and walkabout characters we provide.
We still provide great value for bookers as we can do a few characters on the same event. For example the John ball characters for when people arrive at an event and then maybe traditional white face mimes or one of our english eccentric characters.

I still continue with the Pressmen. just worked doing the fake paparazzi/spoof paparazzi at a hotel and also I have just completed doing a photoshoot for a band melody nelson. Yesterday, I took photos of them live at the 12 bar club.