Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Rudolph visits the charity stollen in Dubai

The largest stollen cake in the world was auctioned off in Dubai for charity. Rudolph of course went to see for himself.
Mimescape have several characters in Dubai for Xmas including Rudolph and his Elven keeper.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Robot GMax at Toyota car launch

Mimescape with their robot G Max at a spectacular Toyota car launch.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Halloween Horror with Count Dracula and Igor

If you are having a Halloween party these two delightful guests will add the va va voom.

Robot G Max 2007

Mimescape now have two Waiter Robots, two Teleheads and Robot G Max 2007.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Valeria and Barry of the Mimescape team, exponents of Dance and Commedia Del Arte

Mimescape, Mime and Corporate Promotions

In founding Mimescape Brendan and Mel both experienced Mimes and Physical Theatre performers create characters that can be utilised for the corporate market.

For PR companies who are looking for photographic opportunities at their product launches Mimescape have the wealth of ideas, intuition and ability to put these ideas into practice.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Some of the characters Mimescape offers

English Eccentrics; John Bull 18th century, Victorian Bathers, Henley Regatta people, Admiral and Sailor, Waiters, Butlers, Explorers, Theatre People, Viscount and Ape.

Mimes and Robots; French Mimes, Harleqin and Pierrot, Alien Tourists, Teleheads, Misc Robots, Chefs.

Misc; Little and Larger, Fake Paparazzi, Various Commedia Del Arte Characters.

The ape and his mate

The viscount and the ape is an excellent example of Mimescapes use of characterisation. Brendan from his work on the Greystoke films brings the Ape to life and the public are totally fascinated.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Brendan Stapleton co-founder of mimescape

Brendan is co founder of mimescape. To see all his film and theatre and performing credits have a look at http://mimeworks.com/cv.html

Brendan brings all his Mime, Dance, and theatre skills to mimescape. In this way he has contributed to making Mimescape a leading Mime and Theatre company who specialize in creating character based walkabout acts.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Little and larger visit London eye

John Ball dancing

Mime as corporate entertainment

“Mime is the theatrical art of conveying meaning
without speech through gesture, movement and
physiognomy. The human body will always communicate in
ways that are beyond words.

Mimescape is an entertainment company who have grown
from the universal core of physical transformation. We
use gesture, movement, facial expression and dialogue
to create original scenarios for both festival and
corporate entertainment.

Our characters can help to generate a fun,unique and
interactive environment. For example, at company
parties they help to break the ice between guests,
create an impact and provide the basis of a memorable
atmosphere. On the street they intrigue, amaze and
delight, drawing people of all ages into their surreal
worlds. And they are a very effective brand awareness
tool who can be used to convey a message or generate
interest in a product in both the UK and International
This is a reworking of a previous post thanks to Caroline. An ongoing look at how we express the work we are doing.

mimescape and London eye

The mimescape team have just worked at the London Eye providing entertainment through Mime,characters,clowning,industrial and corporate theatre,theatre and acting skills and much more. As can be seen in some of our pictures we utilised a whole host of characters from John Ball through to snorkellors.
The Mimescape team are going from strength to strength constantly creating exciting new characters.
Brendan and Mel are at the core of the team but they are constantly bringing new people in to add to their skils of Mime and physical expression.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Barry and Valeria who work with us

Barry who is an expert in Commedia del arte and eccentric dance does a whole range of characters with us, this one a dickensian character. Valeria is a trained dancer and has an array of costumed characters especially Showgirls. For meet and greet the two john bull characters and 2 showgirls would be great at a company party.

Our theatre people

Harry Potter and the Paps

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Mime as corporate entertainment

Mime is the theatrical art of conveying meaning without words through gesture, movement and facial expression.
The human body will always communicate in ways that are beyond words.
Mimescape is an entertainment company founded on the universal core of physical expression.

At mimescape we use gesture,movement,facial expression and words to create original approaches for both festival and corporate entertainment.

We use mime,and the spoken word as the basis of characters who can help to generate a fun,unique and interactive environment.

For example, at company parties our fun characters help to break the ice between guests and help provide the basis of a memorable and impactful atmosphere.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Teleheads out and about

Our theatre people

There are lots of possibilities with this walkabout. At festivals they can create improvised interactive shows with director and cameraman or add an actor. Similar concepts can be used to add sparkle to receptions at corporate parties.

Our Waiter gets ahead

Paps and who?

Sunday, August 12, 2007

new characters we are working on

Our friendly aliens visit London

As they learn new customs they discover the handshake and the family photo.

Henley people

Our Henley mix and mingle involves people who are to confident for their own IQ.

Waiter Walkabout

Here is an example of our mix and mingle waiter characters.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

The Snorkellors

The snorkellors are another sea themed mix and mingle act. This is a little more absurd but works extremely well. This act can work using aspects of Mime including slow motion and the idea of moving statues. It can also work with verbal interaction and can also include a musical element as well.

As always mimescape as a company can use several different walkabouts for one function thus providing great value. We can create the perfect icebreakers for your next function.

The Mimescape navy

Mimescape now have a walkabout act that can be an Admiral and a sailor. As well as this we can add 2 musicians and create both a visual and musical mix and mingle act. This could play at any festival but would also work for reception at a corporate dinner. Greeted by officers of the sea.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Little and Larger visit London

Little had the usual trouble keeping larger out of the cake shops. As always the public are enthralled by Little and Larger.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A notice to Agents

Mimescape is a duo dedicated to providing excellence in Mime, Visual theatre and a variety of walkabout characters.

Besides the characters shown on this site Brendan and Mel have a range of other walkabout characters. They are both experienced Mimes and can perform in the traditional whiteface style ( Think of Marcel Marceau).

They can provide characters from the style of Commedia Del arte as well as more modern ideas like eccentric chefs.

They can tailor make characters for specific events.

They both have a very impressive track record as entertainers and have worked all over the world.

Think visual performance,think Mimescape.

A telehead visits Michaels Exhibition

One of the teleheads in his mission to explore the universe visits an exhibition in London

The John Bulls visit 21st Century London

John Bull is a national personification of the Kingdom of Great Britain created by Dr. John Arbuthnot in 1712, and popularised first by British print makers and then overseas by illustrators and writers such as American cartoonist Thomas Nast and Irish writer George Bernard Shaw.As a literary figure, John Bull is well-intentioned, frustrated, full of common sense, and entirely of native country stock. Unlike Uncle Sam later, he is not a figure of authority but rather a yeoman who prefers his small beer and domestic peace.
Here our 2 John Bulls are visiting 21st century london enthusiastically amazed at modern Britain and as always adding their own forthright views on the world.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Mimescape brings in the new

Brendan Stapleton and Melvyn Altwarg are pleased to announce the launch of 3 new characters as part of the ongoing development of their well established double act.
Their emphasis has been on creating visually stimulating and exciting character walkabout for festivals and other forms of entertainment. At any function these characters create impact and help to generate a fun atmosphere.

1. John Bull characters. There are 2 of these characters identically dressed and they are based on the idea of 2 18th Century Englishmen. They find themselves in the 21st century and are constantly exploring what the dickens is going on.

2. Little and Larger are 2 characters where one is large as in the photo and one is thin. The large one is constantly searching for the food and the other is constantly in a state of embarrassment trying to stop him bothering others. They constantly argue with each other amazing and amusing all who see them.

3. The teleheads are 2 aliens in very similar costume. They are from the planet Tele on a mission to explore strange new worlds such as Planet Earth.