Thursday, June 12, 2008

Mime artists - Traditional or modern?

In many ways it is effective to perform in the traditional style of white face Mime. White face Mime is very clear to the audience and bookers feel comfortable with what they are getting. But there is much scope for mime artists utilizing characters that can fit with many themes.
As Mime Artists in Mimescape brendan and mel are adept at both traditional and modern mime.

Mime artists and mime performers need to find what is right for their clients and audiences.

At our website their is a wealth of information and pictures of what Brendan and Mel provide.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Mime performers

Brendan and Mel are both extremely professional mime performers. Brendan has utilised his skill as a mime performer to do everthing from creating robot shows to coordinating ape performances for the film Tarzan and the lost city.. He has appeared many times on TV,Film and Theatre shows using his mime performing skills. Mel used his skill as a mime performer to create a superb modern mime act at Covent Garden. He went onto using these same skills in the comedy duo Emil and Mike and in the award winning show men in coats.
As part of Mimescape they can use their Mime skills to create mime entertainment. They can use their abilities as traditional mimes to create mime entertainment and also other Mime skills from creating interesting characters, to robotics and living statues.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Mimescape create Mime Entertainment

Mimescape create mime entertainment through the use of different types of mime. The classical/whiteface mime that is associated with Decroux and marcel Marceaux. This includes illusionary mime where balloons appear to float,suitcases don't move and running takes place on the spot. Street mime which includes lots of different ways of mimiking the mannerisms of others. Then there is mime entertainment involving the use of characters and ways of expressing using a phsical and emotional range of expression.
Pictures of mimescape characters including the whiteface mime can be found on this blog and on

Brendan and Mel worked on saturday with the Pressmen

The two founding members of Mimescape were working with the Pressmen team this weekend. Brendan as a Fake Paparazzi/ spoof Paparazzi in Leeds at a corporate function. Mel as a fake paparazzi/spoof paparazzi/ event photographer at the Derby at Epsom racecourse.
Yet again the Mimescape team show their versitality in working with the Pressmen team.(

Using both teams it is possible to get every type of Mix and Mingle performer from fake/spoof paparazzi to John Bull characters and Alien Tourists.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Melvyn and Brendan in Dubai, Mime,Music and Dance.

Melvyn and Brendan performing in Dubai via WAM. Mix and mingle, in the mall,the restaurant and ski Dubai where they were the explorers. They utilized theatrical skills, Mime and Dance.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Mimescape at Ascot- the wacky waiters

Mimescape performed as wacky waiters,comedy waiters for a corporate dinner at ascot. First they performed as comedy waiters/wacky waiters and in the same characters did a range of mini shows involving passing juggling clubs, juggling knives,a tall unicycle and some audience participation. The event was a major success. A comedy waiter performance including a variety show as the finale.