Friday, September 14, 2007

Some of the characters Mimescape offers

English Eccentrics; John Bull 18th century, Victorian Bathers, Henley Regatta people, Admiral and Sailor, Waiters, Butlers, Explorers, Theatre People, Viscount and Ape.

Mimes and Robots; French Mimes, Harleqin and Pierrot, Alien Tourists, Teleheads, Misc Robots, Chefs.

Misc; Little and Larger, Fake Paparazzi, Various Commedia Del Arte Characters.

The ape and his mate

The viscount and the ape is an excellent example of Mimescapes use of characterisation. Brendan from his work on the Greystoke films brings the Ape to life and the public are totally fascinated.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Brendan Stapleton co-founder of mimescape

Brendan is co founder of mimescape. To see all his film and theatre and performing credits have a look at

Brendan brings all his Mime, Dance, and theatre skills to mimescape. In this way he has contributed to making Mimescape a leading Mime and Theatre company who specialize in creating character based walkabout acts.