Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mimescape, mime performance and robotic movement

Brendan stapleton one of the founders of Mimescape is working as a consultant for the show a robot in your living room at the Hen and chickens. A very funny show. He is advising on all the robotic movement.

Friday, February 13, 2009

mime entertainent and mime performers

For anybody involved in Mime the present time is worrying. Will the current financial climate effect bookings? Will it effect just the private sector or will it have consequences for bookings made in the public sector,festivals etc. Even an important financial hub like Dubai is going through a downturn.
What can performers do? There will be some who just stop getting work. People will drop out or try to find other ways of making a living. Others will try to focus on the business side of how they operate. How can I make the most of current clients and how can I gain access to new ones. Marketing and sales.

At mimescape we are looking at these issues. There are no easy solutions. All depends on hard work and following common sense practices. You have to talk and talk and talk some more.

So we wait and see to find out what the year will bring.

Meanwhile Brendan will be seen performing Mime on the Colleen Rooney show. This is not long after his Mime consultancy role for Big Brother. If you want to discuss Mime and what it can do for your event contact Mimescape we are considered industry experts.