Sunday, July 20, 2008

brendan mime performer of Mimescape with health and safety. and Big Brother

Brendan constantly uses mime entertainment. Brendan worked for Southwark council on a health and safety campaign pushing the benefits of noise protection in the workplace. Brendan has just finished a course in health and safety, risk assessment. Now giving Mimescape a an extremely good grounding in these relevant issues.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Big Brother and Brendan Stapleton 2008

As I mentioned earlier Brendan is one of the leading mime performers in the UK. He is an expert in mime entertainment as he has a massive background in all sorts of theatrical performance. For Big Brother UK 2008 he filmed a range of mime skills including lots of illusionary mime.
It is these type of skills that provide the background to the entertainment side of Mimescape. A company with a wide range of mix and mingle characters.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Mel mime performer as crazy waiter

Mel using mime performance as part of crazy waiter act at private party. Last week he worked as a crazy waiter for area51 with Bill Brookman doing a duo crazy waiter act. With Bill it is possible to have a finale with singing and an accordian. As a trio with Suzy and richard there is a passing juggling act included and a tall unicycle routine.

Mime entertainment with

Brendan mime performer of Mimescape and Big Brother

Brendan as a mime entertainer/mime performer was called upon to make a short film to demonstrate mime techniques. This was shown to big brother contestants who as above demonstrated their new Mime performance skills. This is not the first time that Endemol have called upon Brendan to do some teaching as he is one of the leading Mime performers in the UK.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Mime Entertainment

Mel with a pearly King in the dressing room at the Hackney Empire. This was on the first night of the show for the band Madness.
Again it shows the versatility of Mimescape performers. Utilising mix and mingle skills,acting,dancing and Mime.

Mime Entertainment

Mel and Anna used their mime entertainment,dance and acting skills to work with the band Madness at the Hackney Empire. Many thanks to the founders of Stomp who booked them and sent them this photo of the show.

mime performers inc hector selector

Brendan and Anna as robots enjoying the summer air. This is an example of one form of mime performance,Robotics. Mimescape have a full range of characters, mimes and robots to fit with any performance.

Mime performers

Brendan used his mime performing skills to participate at Beeldig Lommel the European contest for living statues. He was invited to appear at this festival in June 2008. He created the character of Napoleon using mime performing skills from living statue to slo mo and stacato movement.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Mime performers

I will add some more information soon. Brendan has been in Belgium in a living statue festival. Mel has been using his mime performing skills working at a concert with the band madness at The Hackney Empire.
As mime performers both Brendan and Mel can use these skills to enhance all sorts of jobs. It is so important for communication to be able to express thoughts and feelings non verbally.