Monday, March 22, 2010

Brendan on Radio Oxford talking about mime

Brendan was chosen to talk about MIme and mime performing today on Radio Oxford with Malcolm Boyden. This should be on BBC I player soon. Brendan is one of the leading experts on mime and mime performance in england. He is often called in to help coordinate mime shows and to act as an advisor.

Melvyn clown performer with ringmaster

Melvyn both mime performer and clown performer worked on the weekend with Ellis pike the ringmaster who is also well known for his performances as Henry the eighth. Sharper solutions employed them for a stage show at a large conference in the Telford international centre. Melvyn one of the main Mimescape performers performed a clown number about a clown chasing the light.
Melvyn and Brendan have been doing all sorts of performances recently involving mime ,dance and clowning.